CCAB certified to provide Indigenous cultural awareness & sensitivity training


About Qwastånayå

 A member of the Tla'amin Nation, Maynard was bestowed with the traditional Tla'amin name 'Qwastånayå on May 10, 2003 by the Tla'amin’s Elders immediately before signing of historic Sliammon First Nation - Corporation District of Powell River 'Community Accord'. Qwastånayå served as his community's Chief Councillor for only two years but in that time led his community in a movement that resulted in the signing of a historic ‘Community Accord’'. This intergovernmental working relationship between the two lives today, having been reaffirmed in a formal ceremony June 2018. 

The principles contained in the Community Accord are simple and based on respect, acknowledgment and open transparent communication. These principles are easily transferable to the business world. All developed Indigenous / Aboriginal Relations / Stakeholder Relations Departments should start in the same place; simple, positive and respectful communication. Significant obstacles to positive intergovernmental relationships include human nature and politics. Maynard understands what First Nation leaders look for when pursuing business partnerships. His in-depth knowledge of the history and culture of Aboriginal peoples, their traditional land and resource practices and archaeological footprint comes from years of working closely with traditional land and resource use experts, Elders and other leaders.

Being a Partner with the Advanced Business Match (since 2012) and recent appointment to President, Tla'amin Nation Holdings Board are tangible demonstrations of Maynard's understanding of Aboriginal economic development. A strong understanding of Indigenous peoples is key if you want to engage First Nation communities in business. Indigenous Insight's approach can strengthen any businesses Indigenous cultural foundational knowledge resulting in significant competitive advantages.

Qwastånayå (L. Maynard Harry) brings 25+ years of accumulated knowledge and practical experience in the following areas:

  • Indigenous culture and heritage (i.e. traditional land and resource use, archaeology)
  • Economic, community and small business development
  • Intergovernmental relationship building
  • Leadership and governance specific to decision-making
  • Treaty negotiations, Aboriginal rights and title, provincial consultation processes
  • The Indian Residential School System; the Indian Reserve System; the federal Indian Act; and Reconciliation.

Maynard is a certified CCAB cultural awareness / sensitivity trainer (one of only two in BC)

Tla'amin Nation Appointments


  • Economic development (President, Tla'amin Holdings Board)
  • Tla'amin Nation Review and Appeal Panel (alternate) 2016 to 2018